Thursday, December 31, 2009

The ten most popular DGB posts of 2009

2009 was the first full year of this site's existence. When the year began, this site was just a tiny niche blog that 99.9% of the hockey world had never heard of. And in just twelve short months, it's become a tiny niche blog that 99.8% of the hockey world has never heard of. I call that progress.

Along the way we introduced Chris Durno to the world, were named "Story of the Year" by Puck Daddy, brought the phrase "Dammit, Pronger" into the hockey lexicon, and were praised by Damien Cox as "prolific" and "local". Oh, and Brian Burke threatened to sue me. Good times all around.

The year featured 150 posts. Some were big hits. Some... not so much. Still, they were all fun to write.

Here's a list of the ten posts that were the most popular over the last twelve months. Have a look if you missed them the first time, want to go back and read them again, or if you're just stuck at work over the New Year and want to waste some company time.

  1. The NHL's suspension flowchart - Blogging rule of thumb: When Wil Wheaton tweets about you, you've made the big time.

  2. A review of NHL 10 - This one was especially fun since dozens of angry posters on video game forums didn't realize it was a joke.

  3. The Maple Leafs secret facebook feed - Fun fact: a Google search for "maple leafs facebook" bring back this page as the top result, ahead of the team's real page.

  4. Brian Burke mic'd at the draft - This one turned out to be especially popular with Ranger fans.

  5. The archive of Brian Burke tweets - Although Eklund is now reporting that some of these may not be real.

  6. Etiquette tips for the Jason Spezza wedding - This was funnier five months ago when people remembered who Jason Spezza was.

  7. Dany Heatley meets with Kevin Lowe: The secret transcript - Admit it, you can picture Pat Quinn doing that, can't you?

  8. Fun with Google "Similar Images" - Check out my mad Photoshop skills, yo.

  9. How to fight when you don't want to fight - Despite being over 20 months old, this one is still popular.

  10. An open letter to Kyle Wellwood - After Wellwood appeared to criticize the Leafs for giving up on him, I wrote him a polite and thoughtful note to address his concerns.
A sincere thanks for all your support in 2009, and here's hoping for more fun in 2010.


  1. Happy New Year Sean.
    All the best in 2010. Keep up the good work. Or, better yet - continue slacking at work in order to bring laughter to the masses.

  2. the nhl10 post is hilarious, had forgotten how good it actually is :D

  3. Wait. Some of those weren't real?

  4. Stajan wearing an eyepatch will be my enduring mental image of him.

  5. Greatest game in the world best blog in the universe - DURNO!!!! Thanks for the many laughs.

  6. Your 2009-10 preview is a personal fave along with the flowchart and NHL10. I thought the Facebook one was hilarious when I first read it...despite being (confession) fairly new to hockey when I read it and not actually getting most of the jokes. It's even better now.

    Happy New Year and I look forward to more in 2010!

  7. Happy new year DGB. Thabnks for a great year of laughs. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  8. The suspension flow chart and Leafs Facebook feed posts were my personal favourites. Bloody brilliant.

    Happy new year, DGB. All the best.

  9. The facebook page got me started coming here and I see no reason to stop so far. So when are stopping by Rangerland to do something for a Leafs-Rangers tilt, provided there's one left, I don't recall if there is right now.

  10. Mr. DGB, a happy new year to you, and may 2010 bring forth new and hilarious moments.

  11. I don't know if you saw this already Sean, but I just about jumped out of my seat when the highlights came on Sportscenter.

    Chris Durno scored against the Senators last night.

    I was so excited for him, and you for discovering him.

    Happy New Year Dude.

  12. I can't believe my favourite hockey blog is written by a Leafs fan. One of the few things on the internet that actually is LOL. Please write more. Even if quanity effects your quality it will still be better than most things on the hockey blogosphere.
    A Flames Fan

  13. #1 is by far THE funniest collection of words put together found on the web the last couple of years. Period.
    And forced me to buy a new keyboard due to all the out-laughed hot coffee.
    Well worth it!
    Keep it up, DGB!

  14. If I were famous I would want you to do my parody twitter.

    You do wonderful work and gave a lot of laughs last year - here's hoping that 2010 provides more of the same.

  15. Great list except for 2 glaring omissions...though i'm batshit biased to a fault.

    Don't be a stranger in the new year.

    Bloge Salming

  16. Congratulations on your success DGB! I've been reading this blog since its inception and I'm looking forward to another year of posts.

  17. The suspension flow chart is a must-have for any young man who dreams of becoming a crappy commissioner. Thank you sir, and keep them coming.

  18. dude, one of your best all time posts was the one about the leafs being the softest team ever or in the league

    it was the one that got me hooked,

  19. My favourite was the Minnesota Wild GM interviews. I read it out loud to my father and we laughed so hard we cried. Thanks for all the entertainment.