Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Leafs vs Bruins: The highlights

Do you ever watch your team play a game that's so bad, you can't even get up the nerve to watch the highlights afterwards?

That happened to me on Saturday, when the Leafs laid an egg in their much-anticipated showdown with the Bruins. The team was flat, the Bruins dominated, and I ended up turning the game off halfway through. It was that bad.

I finally watched the highlights today, since I figured it couldn't have been as bad as I remembered it. And I was right. It was worse. Much, much worse.

Anyway, in case you missed the game, it went like this:

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Not one of the Leafs' strongest efforts.

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  1. Wow we go through 6 goalies and its so bad after the 1st period, Kessel goes back to the Bruins. :p.

    ...still not the worst game ive seen.

  2. nah, that wasn't too bad, hagman and grabo made it respectable at least, but wregget really has to make that save..

  3. That looks kind of like the Sabres/NJ game from last night.

  4. Didn't Van Ryn get put through the glass on Saturday?

  5. Yikes, and I left for the bar when it was 7-0. Seems to have gotten a bit worse after that, enough to warp the space-time continuum. And bad enough to make you do that Clint-Eastwood-meets-the-cookie-monster thing with your voice.

  6. @Marvin...

    And bad enough to make you do that Clint-Eastwood-meets-the-cookie-monster thing with your voice.

    Two things. First, the voiceover (and all the other actual work) was done by Bloge Salming. Second, I happen to know that his actual parents are in fact the Cookie Monster and Clint Eastwood, and he's a little sensitive about that.

    So nice going, jerk.

  7. Me was just saying me voice over was terrible.


    (devours cookie)

  8. That was hilarious, both of you do great work!

  9. pretty good, not as good as the Crosby/Ovechkin remix of Scarface. Now that was gold: "eh you guuuuuuuuuyssss"

  10. @Louie: What made the Van Ryn hit even worse was that it came after Eddie Shore had already taken out Ace Bailey.

    As the SC crew said: Excessive.

  11. In that case your voice(s) is(are) perfectly natural, Bloge, and don't let anyone tell you differently.

  12. I was really hoping they would seek revenge for the last thrashing the Bruins gave them. Oh well, so much for that. For some reason every time they play these guys they completely forget how to play their style. Having said that, it's been a good month so far.