Monday, June 16, 2008

Hey Caps fan: Scoreboard

A quick observation from five days spent just outside of Washington, DC...

Total Capitals' logos spotted: zero. Not a one. Not on a fan, not on a bumper sticker, not hanging in a store window. Nothing. Even after Ovechkin's big night on Thursday, the Caps have zero summertime presence around here that I can see.

Total Maple Leafs' logos spotted: about a thousand. That number breaks down like this: one on my infant daughter's shirt, and the rest on ads for The Love Guru. That damn movie is everywhere. We were at the local mall today and its covered floor to ceiling in posters, cutouts and murals, and they all feature the Leafs logo.

Now I'm as big a Leaf fan as there is, but even I have to wonder about that strategy. My gut tells me that if you have a Maple Leafs logo in your movie, and you have Jessica Alba in your movie... you might want to go with a little extra Alba on the posters. Just saying.

Anyways, as best I can tell this is the Leafs first post-season road win in four years. The Ron Wilson era is already paying off.


  1. I think one of the reasons JFJ was fired was because of how embarrassing it is to support this team. It's bad enough having Damien call me a moron week after week, we also get MacLean's magazine encouraging the rest of the country to laugh at us. Yes the ACC will always sell out, and interest will always be high no matter how brutal they are, but honestly I have not seen a Leaf logo anywhere in Toronto except in ads for Love Guru. The other day my friend was using a lighter with a Leaf logo on it, and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. "When did you get that? I can't believe there's still lighter fluid in it!" Garage sales; a used clothing depot; in a dumpster somewhere: this is where you find Leaf merchandise these days. It shouldn't be this way. Wait 'til their first 7-game winning streak and all that will change, but for now, the absence of the blue-and-white MapleLeaf in Toronto is JFJ's legacy.
    P.S. Sorry the comment is so long. We got carried away.

  2. i knew hiring Wilson was the smart move...i just knew it!

  3. The sad thing about the Love Guru is that the Leafs are going to replace the Disney Might Ducks as the most "amusing" hockey franchise for the near future.

    Instead of Emilio Estevez and the Flying V, everyone's going to remember Mike Myers sitting in a yoga position talking with a funny accent.

    It's almost as bad as Angels in the outfield, or that stupid Jimmy Fallon/Drew Barrymore movie about the Red Sox. Why does being a sports fan of a losing team mean you have to be subjected to movies that illustrate just how pathetic your franchise is?

  4. The only way that's going to happen is if The Love Guru actually becomes a popular phenomenon in North America. And... well...

  5. I'm just hoping that the Love Guru gives the Leafs some good Karma like that shitty drew Barrymore movie did for the Red Sox. We all know how that turned out.

  6. Since I go to university in Quebec, I don't dare wear my Leaf jersey (Domi with a aptain's C since my ex-boyfriend doens't know anything about hockey) for fear I will get the crap beat out of me. However, I'm spending the summer back home in Vermont, so I wore to work a week or so ago. It was weird, man. Nobody said anything. I kept wondering if someone would ask me if the "Domi" on my back was a Bell Biv Devoe reference. Just odd