Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Congratulations to the Red Wings

Despite the longstanding rivalry with the Leafs, I've always respected the Wings. Their current roster was built without tanking or top draft picks -- just great scouting, good coaching, and an overall commitment to excellence that starts at the top and works down through every executive, coach and player.

A note to Leaf fans: The Wings have now won four Cups in 12 years. But before their win in 1997, they went 42 years without a Cup. That was 42 years of misery, including a very long stretch where the team was a complete non-factor. Then they got their act together, and the rest is history.

It can be done. Know hope.

P.S. A note to any Red Wings fans: click here.


  1. I love the stick boy on the bench who sprays water in excitement.

  2. "I love the stick boy on the bench who sprays water in excitement."

    That's Brian Papineau, now the Leafs equipment manager.

    Is it pathetic that I know that?

  3. Un-bee-leeb-abba!

    (giggles as Ron MacLean pokes his belly)

  4. that was papineau's shining moment. that squirtage was gold, on par with markov's salute to the pittsburgh bench when we eliminated the pens years later.

  5. "that means we're next"

    Technically, I think the Hawks would be next.

    But maybe after that....

  6. Technically, I think the Hawks would be next.

    True. And probably the Kings and Blues too, who are also on 40 year streaks and have actually never won a Cup.

    But don't tell that to 90% of the fans and media out there, they all think the Leafs have the longest streak.

  7. i know we don't have the longest streak...i was just playing on the 42 years thing, cuz it'll have been 42 years for us now...

    so, we're next.

  8. Always with this Nikolai Borschevsky...