Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why not Blake?

Plenty of folks at PPP and elsewhere are asking the question: If Tucker can be bought out, why not Blake?

The answer, of course, is that Blake's contract is so terrible that it protects him from a buyout, much like McCabe's. Tucker actually signed a reasonable deal, so he could be cut loose if needed.

The problem with Blake isn't so much the salary, although he's badly overpaid given his production. It's the length of the deal, which still has four years left to run. That means any buyout would be on the books for eight years.

How long is that? Put it this way. If the Leafs bought out Jason Blake, you could actually read this sentence some day:

"The Maple Leafs may be hampered in their efforts to lure veteran unrestricted free agent Steven Stamkos, because they are still waiting for the Jason Blake buyout to come off their books."
Thanks again, JFJ.

I'm going to go lie down in traffic.


  1. i honestly wonder what JFJ is thinking when he sees all this going down...

  2. probably giggling like Jason Spezza at the circus.