Saturday, June 7, 2008

Enough with the Hockey Night in Canada theme song controversy

I tried to stay away from this, but we're on Day Three of the nation-wide HNIC Theme Song Death Watch.

Folks, it's all a hoax. It's a contract negotiation, and both sides are playing the public to try to gain an edge. That's it.

Here's how it will play out: The CBC will claim the deal is dead and the composer's lawyers will say the same thing. CBC will stall long enough to get to launch its American Idol ripoff to find a new theme. Nobody will watch, everyone will say all the new songs suck, and a few weeks before the season there will be a shocking announcement that the two sides have reached a deal after all. The song contest winner will get played during intermission a few times, and then all of this will be forgotten.

Remember when Ron MacLean was absolutely, positively 100% not coming back? Hockey fans debated that for a week. And then the season started, and there he was. Same deal here.

When HNIC debuts this fall, the familiar theme song will be there1. Absolutely guaranteed. So settle down.

1This prediction is brought to you by the fine folks behind "Mats Sundin is just saying what we want to hear, of course he'll waive his no-trade clause at the deadline."


  1. Finally, someone says what I've been thinking but too drunk.... I mean busy, to say

  2. I know it's a hoax, but let me just spell out what CBC is proposing: finding an ametuer composer (not open to proffessional artists already under contract, despite how prestigous it would be) to replace Canada's "second national anthem", which will become a cornerstone of our culture for maybe the next 30 years. And for this the "artist" will recieve a whopping 100 grand? Why do the people who have a mandate to protect our culture and identity undervalue the worth of our culture and identity? That's garbage, it's a disgrace, and the people responsible should be fired.
    Funny hoax, though.