Monday, October 5, 2009

Laughing at the Maple Leafs. Or at least smirking angrily.

I'm back after being offline three days on a quick vacation. My timing was good, since being away meant that I missed the Leaf game on Saturday and didn't wind up wandering the streets in a drunken rage, throwing empty stubbies at anyone who looked like they might be named "Vesa".

But even though the Leafs have looked hinky so far, there's still plenty to laugh about as a Leaf fan. In fact, when I finally got back online I found my inbox full of comedy, both intentional and otherwise, courtesy of DGB readers who took the time to e-mail me. Here are a few of my favorites.

First up, and I hope you've seen this already: the folks at the always-excellent Orland Kurtenblog were able to expose Ron Wilson's game day cheat sheet.

Sneakiness: You're doing it wrong.

Yes, apparently the Leafs need printed reminders that the Habs forwards are small and their defencemen are big and slow. Maybe Ron should consider adding more helpful notes as the season goes on, such as "Maybe come up with some sort of defensive system eventually", and "Put rocks in Toskala's pockets and roll him into the Don River".

Next up: a new addition to the Barilkosphere has appeared, and it's the strongest debut that Maple Leaf fans have seen since Jiri Tlusty showed up and started deflecting in goals with his butt. Bloge Salming looks like a winner thanks to some fantastic videos, including this one:

Somehow I had a feeling Komi might do that.

If you'd like to see more, and/or you've ever wondered what the Maple Leaf Media Bingo Card would like if Damien Cox turned it into a Christmas carol, visit Bloge now and give him a warm welcome.

Speaking of new Leafs blogs, I'd also recommend giving a look to Leafs247. It's a brand new site from some of the folks behind Crash the Crease.

And finally, this one has been around for a few years and has plenty of views, but it was new to me. It's a clip of a hilarious bug from an old version of NHL2K.

I mean, how ridiculous is that? Don't these developers have beta testers? Kyle Wellwood throwing a body check? You'd never catch the guys at EA Sports doing something that dumb.

In all seriousness, I think this is a reasonably accurate simulation of what would happen to a human body if Kyle Wellwood ever put his full weight behind a body check. But it's still an unrealistic and obvious bug, because as far as I can tell the opposing player wasn't made out of chocolate.

Update: More comedy, this time from Leafs Rumination: The rest of the Leafs Nation quiz that Ron Wilson made the team take.

That's all for now. Coming later this week: a famous front page photo of a certain fight, finally found.


  1. lemme guess...

    Shane Corson getting his face destroyed by Eric Cairns.

  2. Amazing. I can't wait to see Marty's eye. Or lack thereof.

  3. You found the photo?!

    Oh my god yes. Marty McSorley's broken face here we come.

  4. Harold Ballard's BunkerOctober 6, 2009 at 3:11 AM

    Felix Potvin kicking the shit out of Hextall?

    I do want to see crater-face McSorley though.

  5. Hey!!!

    Thanks for the shout out.

    Another great post.

    Did you get my email yesterday?

    About the thing? And the stuff?

  6. The real question about this front page photo is if Todd Gill found his way in the frame. I hope so!

    Thanks for reminding me about NHL '09 Lauren. She's a Leafs fan. Not like I went on her site and scrolled through all her pictures for half an hour or anything.

  7. By the way...Tlusty kept it up after that strong start right?


  8. Tlusty will be a solid NHL contributor.

    Just not for the Maple Leafs.

  9. eyebeleaf-
    It sounds like you're suggesting Tlusty might make some "large" contributions elsewhere- I hear that the adult film industry in Vegas is thriving, and they should even have a hockey team in a couple of years.

  10. Jeff-

    Tlusty will only keep it up if he's in front of a mirror, holding a camera.

  11. Holy crap, I've been Down Goes Brown'd!

    Thanks for the plug. My traffic chart now looks like the Habs lined up with Hal Gill standing at the very end.

  12. great post. That injury was ridiculous and the Truculence vid was amazing