Monday, September 29, 2008

Introducing Maple Leaf Media Cliche Bingo!

With training camp in full swing and the new season almost upon us, the usual Maple Leaf media suspects are back in action.

Yes, it's time for yet another season of fan-bashing, well-worn cliches, recycled one-liners and decade-old material that will make Leaf fans want to slam their heads with a car door.

But as long-time readers know, I've always been one of those positive, ray-of-sunshine types. So this year I decided to make reading about the Leafs fun again.

Down Goes Brown is pleased to announce Maple Leafs Media Cliche Bingo.

How to play: Print out a few copies of the card. Feel free to distribute to friends, re-post on other sites, staple to downtown sign posts, etc. But please do not find high-traffic newspaper boxes and insert the cards into the sports section of major Toronto dailies. That would be wrong.

Once you have your card, simply read your favorite Leafs beat writer or columnist and cross off the squares as you go. Once you've made a bingo, celebrate by calling the writer's voicemail and yelling "Nice work, you unoriginal cliche-spewing hack!"

Which writer will be the first to score a bingo? How long will it take? Will anyone fill their entire card over the course of the season? Will Berger and Cox wage a Brady/Manning-like rivalry all year long? And will anyone manage the holy grail: Getting a bingo with one single article?

See? You're excited about the season already, aren't you?


  1. Fantastic! I'm all a-tingle for the regular season now.

    I predict the only square that won't get filled in the first ten days of the season is the 'Russ Courtnall for John Kordic' one. But then again, every time I think the media in this town has hit the lowest point possible, they go and prove me wrong. So I'm expecting that article to appear any day now.

    - Mabel

  2. Awesome, DGB, just awesome. I can't wait to play! I feel like a 75-year-old grandmother.

  3. DGB, I am consistently awed at your ability be both awesome and hilarious.

    Some would call you awesarious, but I will simply call you the master.

    Thanks for this, it's going up in the lunchroom at work.

  4. Ummm, that is awesome. I can predict at least 5 will show up tomorrow alone based on Schenn's winning goal.

  5. ya, brilliant... a brilliant rip off of