Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Hockeenight podcast: DGB gets Naked

On Monday, I made my fourth appearance on the world-renowned Hockeenight podcast. My most recent appearance, alongside PPP, was well-received. While we'd hoped to appear together again, this time I ended up going solo due to an unfortunate incident involving PPP being superkicked through a plate glass window.

Topics covered included:

  • Vesa Toskala: merely bad, or historically bad?
  • The absolute worst case scenario for the Leafs/Ducks trade (spoiler: there isn't one)
  • Why the Dion Phaneuf deal is far riskier, but still a good trade
  • The Cam Barker trade, and whether the Hawks will need to make more cap moves
  • Olympic men's hockey discussion and predictions
  • The opening ceremonies in Vancouver, and what may have really caused that torch malfunction
  • Somebody may or may not have made a horribly inappropriate Olympics joke
  • The entire podcast getting sidetracked after I receive an unexpected e-mail from Bif Naked
Listen to the whole thing here:

Can't get enough moustache jokes? You can find the rest of my appearances here.


  1. Wait? I'm fucking Marty Jannetty? That hurts. Almost as much as your back is going to hurt when your wife makes you do all of the house cleaning next month.

  2. Bloge, we want to have you on a 'cast too.

    Galaxysong9, they're in there...

  3. @PPP

    Atleast D you haven't been paired with Leif Cassidy yet.

  4. Barber Shop reference? Well done!

  5. Good article on how TSN should have hired Kypreos over Dreger.

  6. Kypreos sucks.

    Here is my rebuttal: