Tuesday, September 8, 2009

DGB and PPP vs. two drunk Hawks fans: The podcast

Bloggers are cool
PPP (left) and DGB pose for
a pre-podcast publicity photo
Last night I made my third appearance on the Hockeenight podcast. And while the first two were fun, this one featured a special appearance by Pension Plan Puppets to even out the odds.

Topics covered included:
  • Kyle Wellwood is fat
  • Whether a bear could beat a man in a hot dog eating contest
  • The recent Leafs/Hawks draft pick swap
  • Leafs Abomi-Nation, and why it will be terrible.
  • No, seriously, Kyle Wellwood is fat.
  • Jonas Gustavsson conspiracy theories
  • Suggested tourism slogans for Hamilton
  • Why Team USA is going to finish 12th at the Olympics
  • Chat heckling from Bitter Leaf Fan and Odin Mercer
  • Todd Gill: Awesome, or super-awesome?
  • No, we don't care if you want to cover serious hockey topics, PPP and I are just going to keep talking about how Kyle Wellwood is fat.
  • And a hilarious observation about the Gartner-for-Anderson trade...
You can download the podcast for free from itunes, or listen to it online below:

(Side note: Yes, PPP really is on the podcast. He doesn't say anything for the first 20 minutes, but he's there. He's just building the dramatic tension.)

A few other things:
  • I was invited to participate in the DC Cheap Seats' hockey survey. You can read my answers here.
  • This is a few weeks old, but I also had an entry in Puck Daddy's Five Reasons I Love Hockey series. And if you're thinking that I used the opportunity to go on about Wendel Clark and Kerry Fraser, you would be right.
So as you can see, I've been busy. In fact, I think I've made an appearance on every hockey blog except... this one. But we'll get that fixed in September. Double figure posts this month, guaranteed!

Probably. Maybe.


  1. if Todd Gill is either awesome or super awesome, then Kyle Wellwood is fat or super fat... I'm going with super fat.

    and lets give the USA some credit, they'll sqeak into 11th, beating someone like Norway or something

  2. Only one of us drinks, but CT covers me ably.

  3. This is probably the only place where it's cool to say that I live about a 5 minute drive from Todd Gill's house.

  4. DGB you really carried that podcast. However your knowledge of Hamilton is a little suspect.

    Hamilton does have suburbs they are called Ancaster; Dundas and Stony Creek and they are quite beautiful.

  5. However your knowledge of Hamilton is a little suspect.

    Hamilton does have suburbs they are called Ancaster; Dundas and Stony Creek and they are quite beautiful.

    Somebody's from Hamilton!

  6. Oddly enough, Fork and I are dead ringers for Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson.

  7. However your knowledge of Hamilton is a little suspect.

    My knowledge of everything is suspect. I just say it authoritatively, and then if anyone questions me I accuse them of nitpicking.

    P.S. Stop nitpicking.

  8. You stuck me as someone who would be part of the Bushwackers, not the Hart Foundation.

  9. By the way DGB, you used future tense when describing Leafs AbomiNation.

    It IS terrible, and after I'm done burning it, we can say that it WAS terrible.

  10. Todd Gill is the man! Only one who could rock that Cooper bucket and not look like a retard (sorry Mess).

    In other news:
    If they get a team, do you think the Hamilton team would steal a page out of Ottawa's book and claim they have rich NHL tradition, despite being defunct for almost 100 years?

  11. I think the goal for the year is to make sure that every single post includes the label Kyle Wellwood is Fat.

  12. Actually I am not from Hamilton but I live fairly close to the city and have become more familiar with it because of that.

    Fun fact: Drive around downtown Hamilton sometime and you will notice an inordinate amount of people with some form of leg injury. Very strange.

    Also: Todd Gill is awesome.

  13. Now arriving at College StationSeptember 9, 2009 at 5:06 PM

    Hamilton also has really ugly women. Maybe because they're close to Buffalo. But one time - and I swear this is true - I was eating at the McDonald's at Mohawk and Upper Gage. Some absolutely smoking broad in short-shorts and a tank top walks in. 10/10, absolutely perfect. Anyway, holding her hand is a chubby, acne-riddled kid wearing a "DUNGEON MASTER" t-shirt, and sporting a disgusting mullet. I can't even make this up (because a teenager sporting a mullet nowadays would seem too farfetched to be true. Would seem. )

    Anyway, I figured he was her mentally challenged brother or something. Then they started making out in a booth.

    I have no proof, obviously, but believe me when I say I am not lying. If this doesn't phase you then maybe you'd have to be there, but seriously, I was (am) rattled.

  14. Must be a hooker...another trait taken from good 'ol Buffalo.

  15. I tuned in just in time to drink deep from the fount of Kyle Wellwood is fat jokes. It tasted great as always.

  16. Every blog my foot, I haven't seen you around Rangerland in ages.

  17. Last week's 'cast had over 500 downloads, thanks for that.

    As I said over at PPP, 3 more weeks like that and we'll have a download for every pound of Wellwood.