Saturday, February 27, 2010

Busy week ahead

It's been a little slow around here lately. I'm sorry about that. The NHL has been on break, of course. But more importantly, it turns out my recent "two whole posts a week" pace was unsustainable, and I think I'm a little burned out.

But the vacation is over, because it's going to be a busy week in the hockey world.

First up, of course, is tomorrow's Gold Medal game. At the risk of modestly overselling it, this game is the most important thing that has ever happened in the history of the world. The game is expected to draw a Canadian televisions rating of over 50 million, since most of us will be watching on multiple TVs just in case one of them turns out to be bad luck. I'm picking Canada to win, especially since I'll be sneaking into the athlete's village tonight, kidnapping Ryan Miller, and replacing him with Cheryl Bernard.

All that is to say that it should be a memorable afternoon. I'll be following the action on twitter.

On Monday, we'll move right into trade deadline mode. Side note: If any GM out there pulls off a Sunday midnight trade and ruins the post I've been working on for Monday, I will hunt you down. Fair warning.

The actual deadline will fall on Wednesday, March 3, and I'll be liveblogging all day. Join me, as we ponder questions such as:

  • Where will Alexei Ponikarovsky wind up?
  • Um, are there any other players on the trade market?
  • Hey, any update on where Alexei Ponikarovsky will wind up?
  • Wasn't being an NHL fan way more fun back before the CBA screwed up trading?
Once the deadline has passed, it's on the playoff push. Or, as Leaf fans typically call it, "Four months to think about who we'll be taking with our first round pick". Or, as Leaf fans will call it this year, "Two years and four months to think about who we'll be taking with our first round pick".

There may also be a few surprises between now and the end of the year. It should be a fun time. I hope you'll drop by for some of it.


  1. Any other Leaf fans feel right at home watching Team Canada's near-collapse in the last 8 minutes of the game against the Slovaks? The only difference was they actually won the thing.

    Also re: olympics, I am very curious who the reporter was that asked the question about the women's team centre ice celebration to the IOC member, basically narcing them out. My money is on Mr. Berger.

  2. I'll be in my basement, watching it on six different tvs myself. All stacked up on top of one another

  3. Not only is complaining about the CBA's effect on trades really getting tiresome, but it's also blatantly false this year. When was the last time so many high-profile players got traded in the middle of the season?

  4. Let me fix something for you:

    "Wasn't being an NHL fan way more fun back before [a certain commissioner seized power]?"

    Also, am I the only one that thinks we need a Bettsignal to let him know when there's something he needs to screw up? ...and maybe a theme song.

    Don't worry about the post-season. At least you're used to it. As a Detroit fan, I'm not sure what to do this year. Maybe I'll take up making collages of Brendan Shanahan and annoying musicians.

  5. Come Monday, instead of chanting "We want USA", Canada will be chanting "We want our Mommies."

  6. I think "CBA screwed up trading" is an over-generalization. For fans, maybe probable trade scenarios might be tougher for us to figure out, but who would've predicted the Maple Leafs would get Phaneuf and Giguere?


    - Bobby Lou will make a save that somehow merges quantum mechanics with general relativity.
    - Shea Webber will blast yet another puck through the mesh, but this time also through Ryan Miller's chest.
    - Sid the Kid will dangle and undress so many male US defenders that his sexuality will be questioned for years to come.
    - Jarome Iginla will eat someone's baby.
    - Chris Pronger will sleep with the wife of every US player, then request a trade back to Edmonton.
    - Drew Doughty will thwart the carnie at the "guess your age" booth and win a teddy bear.
    - The 42 San Jose Sharks on the team will MERGE INTO MEGASHARKINATOR PRIME and launch missiles.
    - Mike Richards will make a play so defensive that light will be unable to escape it's surface.
    - Brendan Morrow will bodycheck a US player so hard that 300 years from now, shockwaves still emanating from the blast will be perceived as an act of war by extra-terrestrial beings.
    - On the very same shift, Rick Nash will effectively knock a US player forward in time. The player will awaken, naked and disoriented, and be dismayed to see Canada receiving gold medals.


  8. No offence, Dan, but I already question Cindy's sexuality. Anyone who punches a(nother) male in the balls from behind does not strike me as a sterling example of manliness.

    If only someone else had scored that winning goal!