Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Deadline day: Quick early morning thoughts

  • Pavel Kubina is getting bad advice if he refuses to waive. Let's assume the reports of his NTC being lifted in the off-season are true (and not just more confusion, a la Kaberle's no-trade clause). He can either accept a deal now, when he has some control over his destination and would almost certainly go to a contender. Or he can wait until the off-season and go wherever Fletcher wants to send him, with no input and no guarantee he won't wind up in an even worse situation than Toronto.

  • Kyle Wellwood has requested a trade. If possible, he would also like a chocolate milkshake and a bag of funions.

  • I sense I'm on the outside of the Leaf Nation consensus when it comes to the Sundin decision. Fair enough. But this article in the Star captured my feelings today.

  • Am I seeing things, or was there a very odd reaction to Moore's goal last night? Or more specifically, a non-reaction. He scores a one-man highlight reel goal, peels into the corner, raises his arm and... nobody's there. The other players just go to the bench and leave him standing there by himself, looking around, before skating off. Maybe the Leaf players have rejected Moore -- after all, he hasn't been there since October, so Mats doesn't believe he's a real teammate.

More to come as the day goes on...

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