Monday, February 25, 2008

For what it's worth...

I'm based in Ottawa. I'm not shy about being a Leafs fan, so various Sens (and Habs) fans know where to find me when they want to talk hockey.

There's been a steady stream coming by my desk today to talk about Sundin. Without exception, they're thrilled. Big smiles all around. They were hoping against hope that Mats wouldn't waive, and now it's happened.

If you don't like the Maple Leafs, today is a wonderful day.

You don't measure what's right or wrong for a team based on what other teams' fans think. But it puts a certain perspective on things, even while others try desperately to spin this decision as good news.


  1. If Sundin sticks around for another year or two, this will hurt less.

    I guess he could have re-signed with us this summer after being a rental, I dunno.

  2. That's exactly it. If he resigns, great. But everytime you watch him from now on, you'll be wondering how much better the team's outlook would be if he'd just taken a three-month sidetrip for the good of the franchise. Three months outside his comfort zone and then right back to Toronto if that's what he wanted... but apparently it was too much to ask.