Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Deadline day: Lunch time musings

  • It was nice to see Damien Cox make a peace offering to Cliff Fletcher this morning. Damien is willing to forgive all of Cliff's past sins, real or imagined. He'll even stop with the constant "draft schmaft" references. All Cliff has to do is go out and get Edmonton's first round pick from the Ducks, and all is forgiven.

    Sure, given that everyone with any trade value has a NTC and can't be dealt, the idea of landing that pick is absolutely impossible to the point of being ridiculous. And yes, a cynic would say that Cox is setting the bar impossibly high jut so he can skewer any move Fletcher does make. But let's look at the bright side: this is probably the only kind of sort of semi-positive thing Cox has had to say about anything all year. So it's a start.

  • I know these things are planned well in advance. But given how the Leafs are being looked at as a soft team with a country club atmosphere, is it really appropriate for them to be spending Deadline Day frolicking on a beach in Florida?

  • If I was a GM of a team headed to the playoffs, I'd target Chad Kilger as a depth acquisition. He's big, can play a little, and he's cheap. Let's see what Cliff can get for him. Hey, anyone know if the Ducks are looking to move a first round pick?

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