Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fletcher's press conference

This is fascinating television. Cliff is clearly doing his "I'm incredibly pissed at the NTC 5, but I'm going to bite my tongue and hope you can all read between the lines" routine.

He's promised twice that next year's opening night roster will be significantly different from the current one. Buyouts are "absolutely" an option. Meanwhile, when asked about McCabe he says there was "no interest". None of this was delivered with a hint of a smile.

Now we can all speculate as to which player had agreed to a deal yesterday and then changed his mind. Kubina is the most likely suspect. I'm betting Fletcher trades him to Edmonton at 12:01 on June 15, just out of spite.

In other news, Cliff all but confirmed that a Sundin trade would have brought in more than what the Thrashers got for Hossa. That hurts. I wonder if the Anaheim deal was ever actually on the table. Part of me doesn't even want to know.

Some good news: He just referred to his successor as GM as "the ultimate man". Sweet, I didn't even know Wendel was in the running.

Ah well. I'm past the depression/anger stage and into acceptance. The team we all love is full of complacent losers, and we're probably stuck with them for years to come.

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