Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Grantland: The offseason story lines we all just kind of forgot about

If you follow a television series long enough, you’ll eventually hit one of those story lines: The one that is set up brilliantly, seems to be building to an intriguing payoff, and then … just kind of gets forgotten about.

The NHL offseason isn’t a scripted TV show. (We know this because scripted TV shows don’t go weeks at a time with absolutely nothing happening.) But that hasn’t stopped this year’s edition from featuring its share of abandoned story lines.

Here are five subplots that seemed like they’d be important pieces of the 2013 offseason but (so far) have turned out to be duds.

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  2. #TeemuForever Please give it another go, Finnish Flash. Alternativley, I wouldn't mind Selanne retiring to move in with Chris Chelios as part of a new "Malibu Mob" reality show.

  3. Yayyyyyyyyyyy