Monday, August 26, 2013

Grantland: The Brady Andersons of the NHL

Baltimore Orioles’ first baseman Chris Davis continues to lead the major leagues in home runs, hitting his 46th last week. At his current pace, it won’t be long before he’ll hit his 51st, breaking the franchise record currently held by Brady Anderson.

Anderson was a good player who was named to three All-Star games during his career, but his 1996 season was one of the great outliers in baseball history. He hit 50 home runs that year, more than twice the total he’d manage in any of his other 14 major league seasons. Fair or not, Anderson’s name has become a synonym in the sports world for a one-year wonder. (And for being suspected for some other stuff, but let's not get into that today.)

What does any of this have to do with hockey? Nothing, in theory. But it’s August and there’s nothing else to write about, so we’ll just go ahead and steal this story line from another sport and make it about hockey.

So in honor of the soon-to-be-former Orioles record-holder, here are 10 of the greatest Brady Anderson seasons in NHL history.

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  1. Peter Stastny, not Paul!!

  2. Another good candidate is Adam Graves, who rode a line with two Hall of Famers (Messier & Gartner) who hated each other and wouldn't pass each other the puck. As a result, Graves got the puck often, and racked up 52 goals. He was still good the rest of his career, but never a threat to get 50.

  3. No Rob Brown!? The very namesake of this blog!?!?