Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Funnies: For those with time to kill today. Like Leafs scouts.

The Friday Funnies is an occasional feature that highlights hockey humor from around the web.

Here's a few links from around the web to give you a quick laugh as we wait for the draft to get started. Unless you're a Bruins fan, in which case you've been laughing nonstop since September.


  1. Thank you for linking the Getzlaf/Ryan skit. It was like a real-life Bloge Salming/Down Goes Brown production.

  2. Thanks for the mention.

    And people will be happy to know that the next 2 videos revolve around something i'm sure all hockey fans can relate to.

    Twilight and Justin Bieber!!!

  3. Don't forget those Flames scouts either DGB. They've got nothing to do for the first two rounds either.