Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Leafs sign Mike Komisarek

Well, it didn't take long for the Leafs to spend Pavel Kubina's money. They've signed former Hab Mike Komisarek.

Right now, the Leafs have a better defense and are a much tougher team than they were seven hours ago. The goaltending is still weak and the offensive depth is thinner than Mike Ribeiro's ankles, but you can't ask Burke to fix everything in one day.

This signing also gives the Leafs somebody other than Mike Van Ryn to get destroyed several times a year by Milan Lucic.

Burke is having a good day. Leaf fans are too.



  1. That's why we have Colton Orr. To but the little brat in his place. Hopefully Mr. Burke was in Sweden to woo Gustavvson and not the Swedish twins. All we have to worry about is offence and hopefully that comes soon.

  2. Colton Orr.. Mike Komisarek.. Garnet Exelby and potentially Chris Neil.

    I hope those attending the season opener at the ACC are ready to see Mike Van Ryn's number raised to the rafters, as I sense a 'career ending injury' about 3 minutes into the first practice..

  3. This post wasn't funny at all. I thought Edmonton called you a comedian?

    Ah my teams a living joke.

  4. Truculence, indeed.

  5. I don't get how they couldnt get a pick thrown in as well.. Kubina is more than a serviceable defence, and while I get that it was a salary dump, Atlanta is a team that actually needs to take on salary to reach the floor.

    Wasn't there some team out there that liked Kubina's 40pt habits? One that might have actually given us something going forward beyond a 6th defenceman?

  6. Good luck with Komisarek.
    You're gonna love his good, sharp and crisp first passes.
    BTW, who's gonna get the puck out of the Leafs territory?
    Ooops, gone!

  7. Everybody seems worried that the Leafs won't be able to move the puck out of the zone, but that was probably the least of their problems defensively. They still have White, Van Ryn (when healthy), and Stralman, not to mention Kaberle. Considering the signings today, I hope Burke holds on to Kaberle, who is in his prime and relatively cheap. After today, the Leafs have a pretty solid defense corps.

    Can you believe Montreal signed two guys who add up to 8 feet tall? Just what they needed...

  8. @LeafFan1989
    Except that Lucic wont fight Orr. He'll fight someone smaller who's not really a fighter or he'll cross check someone in the face.
    We had Laraque in Mtl but that didn't seem to keep Komi from getting in fights with Lucic.