Friday, June 7, 2013

Grantland grab bag: Are we supposed to hate Sidney Crosby?

In this week's grab bag: The Great Pens/Bruins War of '91, mocking bad uniforms, feeling sorry for Bill Muckalt, and the Sidney Crosby debate.

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  1. I hate Crosby for the same reason I hate the Sedins and every other player who pissed away their talent: cheating, diving and whining about not getting things go their way.

    Crosby could have been part of the solution. He chose to be part of the problem. That's what makes it worse.

    Oh and I hate the NHL too. Fuck you, Bettman.

    Go Vancouver Giants!


  3. You'll notice from the triangular stripes on the Pens jersey that he can't be any older than 20 years old in that clip, and may be as young as 18. I think Mr. Goes Brown pointed out something similar in his article.

    1. The clip was posted in April 2007, which would make him 19 assuming it was a recent game at the time.

  4. I don't know _any_ 19 year old hockey players who would do something so embarrassing. If a kid pulled a stunt like that in Junior hockey, they'd probably (hopefully) be benched.
    But I guess genius allows you to act like a **** and have apologists crawling out the woodwork to defend it or put it in some mealy-mouthed context. If Avery or Burrows had done that....
    But I guess there's no point arguing the toss on here. Crosby was/is the second coming. He can do no wrong, and if he did, then meh extenuating circumstances. Now bow down at his feet, and ignore the fact that they seem to be made out of clay.