Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Trade deadline day: Follow me at TSN and Grantland

Happy trade deadline day.

I’ll be tweeting as part of TSN’s all-day TradeCentre coverage. You can follow me here, and follow TSN’s twitter coverage using the #tradecentre hashtag. Feel free to watch me try not to have a career-ending meltdown when it's revealed the Leafs have given up good assets for Mikka Kiprusoff.

I’ll also be posting short updates throughout the day at Grantland, which you can find right here. If things don't get too crazy I'll probably also hang out in the comments both here and on the facebook page.


  1. "The trade with the prospects who turn out not to be prospects.

    How often it happens: Pretty much every time Jay Feaster picks up the phone these days."

    It's so true. Blargh.

    I know that Iginla is past his prime and Bouw never really lived up to the hype (or his salary), but is that really the best we could get for them? A couple of scrubs and a pair of mid-to-late first round picks? Was it too much to ask for Pittsburgh or St. Louis to throw in an actual NHL player back the other way?