Thursday, May 21, 2009

Down Goes Brown is now on Youtube

First DGB showed up twitter, which quickly became an indispensable part of the overall site experience. Then, DGB showed up on facebook, which... didn't.

Well, two out of three isn't bad. So now it's time to take over youtube.

Yes, after months of procrastination I've finally figured out how to upload some of my old VHS Leafs highlights. And you can subscribe to my updates by visiting my channel and clicking the big yellow "subscribe" button in the top corner.

Here's a few that I've posted so far...

Wendel Clark's return

I've written about this game before, but as best I know it's never been available online before. Enjoy.

Wendel's hat trick goal against the Kings

I've written about this one too, and how much it meant to Clark and the Leafs.

So let's take a moment to admire the icy cool of Felix Potvin, stopping a partial break and then playing the puck ahead in the dying seconds. I also like the way Potvin ignores two Leafs that are closer to him and sends his pass right to Gilmour. Good thinking, Felix.

Glenn Anderson's OT goal against the Kings

This is game five of the series. Nice effort on the backcheck, Gretzky. But hey, Glenn Anderson was awesome! He'll be a hero in Toronto forever!

Glenn Anderson's penalty

Glenn Anderson was an idiot!

General Borschevsky has already covered this, so let me just say this: seeing Kerry Fraser make this call still makes me angry to this day. I still get cranky when I see a Target logo.

The High Stick

"I was screened on the play. The replays clearly show that." - Kerry Fraser.

Yes, I guess that's the sort of thing you can say a few years later, when you assume nobody will ever see the replay again and notice how the players part like the red sea to give you a clear view of a play you're looking directly at.

I'm going to go pour draino into my eyes.

Leafs/Kings game seven CBC intro

A confession: I love musical montage intros to sporting event. I will post any that I can find. I don't care if nobody watches them.

"Go Leafs Go"

This is a Global TV pre-game song intended, one would assume, to get fans fired up. Between this and "The Leafs Are The Best", I'm really starting to question the mid-90s.

Remember: I'll post clips on the blog from time to time, but if you want to know as soon as anything goes up be sure to subscribe.


  1. This is the best thing that has ever happened.

  2. Awesome! I have been searching for the Global "Go Leafs Go" intro for a very long time.

    I miss games on global and Jim Tatti.

  3. Also, do you have the alternate version where 'Domi and Baumer' becomes 'Wendel and Domi'? This is seriously the best thing in weeks.

  4. This is probably a really dumb question, DGB, but do you own the VHS tape "The Passion Returns: The 1992-93 Toronto Maple Leafs"?

  5. It's nice that you posted this, but it's little heavy on the Kings' series. I'm really depressed now. But I've been looking for that clip of Clark coming back for a long time - I haven't watched it yet and I can already hear Jiggs Macdonald's gruff, jolly voice saying 'oh my!' as the crowd going loopy for what was probably the first time all season.

    I also remember being at a Leafs/Flames game a week or two before this one - Leafs won 4-3, Kirk Muller got a hat trick - and buying a sign from a guy outside that said "Bring Wendel Home". I remember that I was far from being the only one in the arena carrying that sign. There was something in the air at that game, you just knew he was coming back...

  6. Either you edited out "oh My", or I'm going senile really really early, for I am sure I remember his call like that.

  7. Awesome. Really terrific. Wendel's return, the Game Six hat-trick, the high stick, Creepy Glenn, it all deserved to be there on YouTube. Nicely done. Thanks.

  8. Hey Varry Galk - The passion returns is on the youtubes already

  9. @Varry Galk and furcifer: Earlier this week I found a box of videos on the side of the road near my house. I rummagged through it and took a handfull of the best they had - including, The Passion Returns. I already have a copy, but I took it anyway. Now I have 2. Felt just like scoring an insurance goal.

  10. Any chance you have the playoff standing ovation from when he rocketed the puck off the post against Jersey?

  11. Surprised at all the love for "Go Leafs Go". I didn't even remember that, it just happened to come on before the Wendel game. I'll keep an eye out for the updated version.

    @PalHal... It's only heavy on the Kings because that's the first tape I grabbed. I've added some stuff from the '94 Hawks series, and will get to everything else over time.

    @Varry Galk... Of course. It's actually sitting right here in front of me. Good times.

  12. Yo, that Game 7 music montage has me so pumped. HOOSIERS!

  13. "The Passion Returns" is one of the greatest videos ever made.

    DGB, I'm with Dan; you're doing the Lord's work.

  14. DGB: Do you have any idea what season the "Go Leafs Go" thing is from?

    As an aside, trying to figure this out took me to Glenn Anderson's page on In this way, I learned that:

    (1) There is a team in the Swiss league called "HC La Chaux-de-Fonds" (must be a beeyatch to work that into chants);
    (2) Glenn Anderson played for this team - 23 games in 1996 and 1997; and
    (3) he somehow racked up 103 PIM in those 23 games - WTF?

    Thanks for the Wendel-centric video memories. Do you remember the "Welcome Home Wendel" t-shirt that Cheerios passed out outside MLG before that game?

  15. @Junior...

    "Go Leafs Go" is from 1996. The version I posted is actually from the game where Wendel returned.

    No idea about the t-shirts. Would love to get my hands on one, though.

  16. DGB, Vintage stuff, well done

    When does the Betamax upload begin? I can contribute tapes of the '89 Grey Cup, a few Saturday Night Main Events and at least one Leafs game where Motor City Smitty was the 1st Star.

  17. You've got a typo in your tags for this post. Gretkzy --> Gretzky

    By the way, I love your blog.

    Wendel is the greatest.

  18. Oh, to own a copy of "The Leafs are the Best".

    @DGB: Also, I have a copy of the original "Pride of the Maple Leafs", on CD, direct from a source who wishes to remain anonymous for legal reasons (I don't know if they still do, i got this 10 years ago), if you are interested. Or I can mp3 it and email it to you. Also I have an mp3 playlist of about 60 or 70 MLG music from the 80s/90s... you know, Lady Madonna, Jump, Smoke on the Water, Radar Love, etc. etc. if you care.

  19. while we're all bragging, 2 copies of Passion Returns on VHS, obv. One still shrinkwrapped that I got on eBay a few years ago for $3.

  20. Who shit all over the ice in front of Hrudey?

  21. @Kyle...

    I'm going to assume McSorley.

    (Actually, that's the classic MLG "coke stain on the ice" mark. Hrudey's just lucky nobody threw a crutch at him this time.)

  22. Ah, the Coke stains. I was at a game in 1989 or 1990 when there was a brawl with either the Devils or Capitals (not certain) and I actually saw the specific flying cup that caused a Coke stain. An awesome feeling to actually see it happen.

    I know it was that season because Mark LaForest got involved in the brawl and the fans next to me had an Italian flag with the word "Franceschetti" written across it.

  23. @Mike D...

    That brawl sounds like this one.

    I actually heard LaForest on NHL radio last week talking about that fight. He said that Burke didn't look so big from 200 feet away, but the closer he got the worse he felt about the decision.

  24. The Coke stains on the Gardens ice were clearly the second-most prominent stains shown in "The Passion Returns," behind only Ron Caron's underarms.

  25. I remember the "Go Leafs Go" intro like it was yesterday. The best part of it was the anonymous fan dancing with no shirt on. Nothing like having to relive a moment of drunken idiocy every time you sit down on a wednesday night to watch the Leafs. Whatever happened to Jiggs McDonald?

  26. I still know the words to "Go Leafs Go." Even when they replaced Kris King for Baumer. Don't insult a classic! Although Sundin looked really creepy there, didn't he?

    As I'm sure you already know, a couple Youtubers uploaded the entire "Leafs Are the Best" video.