Saturday, April 4, 2009

Liveblogging tonight

Three quick hits, before I go put my head back in the oven after last night's performance...

  • I'll be liveblogging tonight's Leafs/Habs game over at Feel free to drop by and join in the fun. Word is the Leafs will be switching goalies before every faceoff tonight, and may even try a few goalie changes on the fly. Should be fun.

  • I had somebody contact me today to ask if I minded when they post links to DGB content in forums. Not only do I not mind, but you're doing me a huge favor by helping to expose the site to people who may not know about it. In fact, I have no objection if you post full cut-and-paste versions of anything I post, as long as there's a credit and link somewhere. I know some forums discourage that, so if the mod gives you crap just point them back to this post.

  • Finally, a quick thanks to everyone for helping DGB to its highest traffic numbers ever in March, doubling the previous record. For a great discussion of why traffic to Leafs blogs is skyrocketing at the same moment that traditional media claim fan interest is dropping, visit Sporting Madness


  1. I'm starting to think I bought these platinum tickets in a moment of temporary insanity because I really didn't have the money to spare. If they start losing, I'll have to snatch a blackberry from someone is taking a picture of the game instead of watching it.

    Either way it's hard to pass up a Saturday night game when they can play spoiler.

    Excellent post on Bozak yesterday, but you forgot to mention beaver tail.

  2. Congrats DGB! At least something good is coming out of Ottawa...... :)
    As usual, it's coming from a Leaf fan.
    Looking forward to the live blog, and seeing more and more of the Barilkosphere doing stuff like this. It's fun to think that we might be reading the next generation of Leaf announcers and journalists on the pages of our Firefox bookmarks right now......

  3. @Barry... I'm not saying a word about beaver tails. If I've learned one thing about people from Ottawa, they do not deal well with any suggestion that beaver tails aren't the greatest thing in the world.

    If I wrote that, for example, beaver tails were just cheap pastries doused in low-quality sugar water and weren't actually all that good, my neighbors might burn my house down. I'll deal with a Brian Burke lawsuit if I need to, but I am not going to face down a mob of Ottawa beaver tail fans. My courage has its limits.

  4. Wise choice, DGB. I can see a horde of Ottawans slapping you over and over while shrieking like a 5th grade girl's sleepover until you you cry "Uncle". If you weren't killed in the activity after 4 hours or so, you'd have nightmares for life.

  5. I don't know what is worse: Being outnumbered by habs fans in your own building, or having to listen to the Woodbridge brigade behind me (they were more interested in leaving the game early to play poker, taking pictures to post on facebook and mistaking Tyler Bozak for Carey Price).

    The highlights of the game were being within kicking distance of Elliot Friedman several times as well as the hot girl who announces the prizes you will never win and Tyler Bozak...forgot the $15 pint beer (all shitty Molson).

  6. DGB-
    Sorry for abandoning you last nite- someone broke the Internets here in Peterborough just after the start of the first period. It was fun while it lasted, at least. :)