Thursday, April 16, 2009

Down Goes Osborne

Mark Osborne
Pre-crushing defeat
There may not be a fan alive who loves the 1992-93 Leafs more than I do.

Now that's a bold claim, but I think I can back it up. After all, I'm the guy who wrote this. And this. And this and this and this. I named my blog after a long-forgotten fight from that season. I once showed my future wife a game-used Bill Berg stick to try to impress her. My infant daughter learned to identify Wendel Clark in photos before she recognized her own grandparents.

And please note that I didn't say I "loved" that team. No past tense. I still love those guys. Every one of them.

And that's why it's so difficult for me to publicly humiliate one of the members of that team.

Here's the deal: The Score has organized a "bloggers vs. experts" challenge that will see their Sports Federation bloggers go head-to-head with their Hardcore Hockey Talk experts to see who can do the best job of predicting the playoffs.

And I'm calling out Mark Osborne.

Now make no mistake, I plan to win the entire challenge. I mean, who's going to beat me, Al Strachan? But like a crazed Patrick Roy during a minor scrum, I'm skating out to center ice and singling out the one guy I want.

It's you and me, Ozzie.

Visit Fantasy Hockey Scouts for the full details of the challenge. You can see my picks here. Osborne's are here.

As you can see, Osborne and I had the same picks in the series that opened last night, except for one: I have the Penguins, he has the Flyers. In other words, I'm already stomping him. If he wants to just concede defeat now, I'd be fine with that. If not, then it's going to get ugly.

Down Goes Brown vs. Mark Osborne. Stay tuned for updates through the post-season1.

1Unless I'm losing, in which case you'll never hear about this again.


  1. Down Goes Osborne!!!!!!!1

    Looking forward to this.

    Good luck, DGB.

  2. Please, DGB, don't hurt him too bad.

  3. "I named my blog after a long-forgotten fight from that season"

    When I first found this place (I think it was in a Google search), I knew EXACTLY where the name came from. In fact, it was because of the name that I clicked on the link in the first place.

    Do I get a cookie now?

    Oh, and Osborne was a 4th line Dan Daoust impersonator. I'm sure you can beat him.

  4. I still love those guys.You're not the only one - Berg, Osbourne, Zezel - I love these guys so much that I know where each of them works and at some point this summer I plan to stalk all 3 of them simultaneously until they give me enough material for a post.

  5. There were some great moments with that team. Anyone remember the fan590 Xmas carols?

    "Rudolph, the rednosed reindeer...and if Wendel Clark ever saw him, he would punch him out I suppose".

  6. Maybe The Score will mess up the pool and no final results will come out.

    Then you can declare victory like you did in the HockeyBuzz Contest.

  7. Have you checked out all of Osborne's picks? He has the BlueJackets over the Red Wings in 7.

    That's a pretty big upset prediction.

  8. Have you checked out all of Osborne's picks? He has the BlueJackets over the Red Wings in 7.He's panicking. I'm in his kitchen.

  9. When I was a kid, Ed Olczyk was my favourite player. When him and Osborne were traded to the Jets, I was crushed. And then the Leafs got Osborne back a few years later and it still pisses me off.