Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Two unrelated thoughts on "sloppy seconds"

Two thoughts on this whole "sloppy seconds" debacle.

  1. The NHL was absolutely right to suspend Avery. He has a history of inappropriate behaviour, and his actions have damaged his team and his league. This is not the sort of publicity the NHL needs right now.

    "Sloppy seconds" is an obscene and offensive term. It has no place in a league like the NHL, or frankly in the discource of grown, mature adults.

  2. So... we can all agree we're going to start dropping "sloppy seconds" bombs on whichever team signs Sundin, right?

    Good, just checking.


  1. Certainly it has no place among "grown, mature adults", but that is not a description has ever applied to Avery. Not that we didn't know that before.

  2. Actually, Toronto was Sundin's second team. So the "sloppy seconds" reference doesn't apply. But thanks for trying.

  3. I'm pretty sure Elisha Cuthbert dated somebody before Sean Avery too. The term still applies.

  4. You're suspended indefinitely, DGB. We'll see you in New York.