Saturday, October 11, 2008

What in holy hell is happening?

In the past 48 hours, the following things happened:

  1. The Maple Leafs, who all experts agree are the worst team in the history of not just this universe, but all possible universes, beat the Stanley Cup champions in their own rink.

  2. Damien Cox wrote a collection of blog posts that were informative, generally positive, and devoid of cliches.

  3. Richard Peddie is quoted in today's Globe discussing the NHL's financial system, and comes across as the voice of reason
I am so confused and scared!

I swear, if they announce a release date for Chinese Democracy this week then I'm gathering up water, canned goods and my 92-93 Leaf playoff run tapes and locking myself in my basement.


  1. Lets not get overly excited about any of these.
    1) Leafs will win some games, palying a good system allows you to do that. good systems mitigate low talent and multiple great talent. I would say the Leafs are in the former.

    All the more reason to get rid of who they got rid of, do you think Tucker or McCabe was going to LISTEN to a coach who preached a system. Or had they gotten used to being the best players ona team so they could be the fireman, arsonist fireman at that.

    Wellwood showed he was incapable of sticking to a system, one of personal discipline. Raycroft just didnt care anymore. The cleanout makes more sense now....the fact that the Leafs actually tried to paly a system and did it reasonably well is about all you need to know.

    I actually dont want Mats back, if he doesnt fit with Wilsons system. If he does and will play it great, maybe this is what Mats was waiting to see.

    2) Cox....capable but old habits die hard

    3) It is allegedly coming, but I dont know how good it will be, its time may have passed.

  2. Meant 3) to be 4)

    3) should be about Peddie

    and yes I agree he sounded reasonable. But then again he was talking business and not Hockey. Dont let this guy anywhere near Hockey/Talent/Coaching/Reade decisions.

    Oh and for some reason I forgot my name the last time....d'oh

  3. Damn, just one week late. Scared?


    It's in the UK on Nov 24th.

    14 years of madness!