Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gaborik for Kaberle - Does this sound familiar at all?

Hot Stove is reporting on a possible Kaberle for Gaborik swap. Putting aside the fact that the trade apparently hinges on the Leafs completing a package deal for Phoenix's first pick which makes no sense at all (a first for White and Van Ryn? zero chance), there's an interesting parallel in play here.

Gaborik is a young potential franchise forward, but he's involved in a contract dispute and sounds like he may now be trying to become a distraction to force a trade.

Does that sound a little bit like Doug Gilmour back in 1992?

Now obviously that comparison is a pretty big leap to make. Gaborik could easily be a bust in Toronto, and Tomas Kaberle is no Gary Leeman. But there's an interesting sense of deja vu here.

Say, just out of curiosity... who were the two GMs in the Gilmour trade?



  1. Very interesting, DGB, very interesting indeed.

    And you're damned right Kaberle is no Gary Leeman.

    God it hurts my soul to just think about Kaberle being traded.

  2. I like the connection you've put together DGB. Toronto has an air of days gone by lately. Blue Jays, Argos, Leafs all bringing in guys from the 'glory days'... why can't this happen? Give it time. Cliff say's things will happen in November.

  3. Why not just sign Gilmour?

  4. Hey stop stealing my ideas!!!

  5. Nice catch Meat!

    I guess great minds think alike. I actually found this in a post here from a few months ago:

    Cliff Fletcher - Is proactively working to improve the team the best way he knows how -- by repeatedly calling up Minnesota GM Doug Riseborough and asking him if he feels like trading his best players for a five-pack of crap.

  6. Great minds do think alike! I think Risebrough will have to clearly come out on top to even think about pulling the trigger on this.

    In fact I think the only way he makes it is if it a straight one-for-one. If it gets into a multi-player type of deal my bet is he wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot Ponikarovsky