Monday, April 28, 2008

The Price is wrong

The magic hockey jersey could
predict a player's post-season GAA

Clearly, the big story in the Habs/Flyers series so far has been Carey Price. There's no nice way to say it, the kid looks very shaky right now.

That said, if the Toronto media has taught me anything it's that the Canadiens organization is smart and wise and can always be counted on to make the right move.

So don't fear, Habs fans. I have no doubt that they'll make the obvious decision, and switch to Cristobal Huet for game four.


  1. LOL. Beauty. They're pissing themselves in Montreal today. I love it. Halak is the contingency plan? I'm sure Cox will find a way to say it's a great move, praise Price and diss the Leafs and Pogge at the same time.

  2. "The player's GAA"

    except the digits are backwards. I made a funny on the internet!