Friday, January 5, 2024

The five teams shaping up to have the most intriguing deadline dilemmas

We’re past the holiday freeze and Winter Classic, and most teams are just about to hit the halfway mark. If you’re an NHL fan, you know what team means: Get ready for eight weeks of trade deadline speculation.

For some teams, that’s a good thing – the deadline is something to look forward to, because it means an influx of new talent on the way to save the season and/or firmly establish a contender as a Cup favorite. Those are the buyers. For other teams, the feelings may be mixed, as it becomes obvious that the deadline will be about players leaving and a view of the future. Necessary, maybe even exciting in its own way, but also an admission that the season is already lost. Those are the sellers.

But what about the teams that are somewhere in between? Right now, they may be the most interesting, because the how the next few weeks play out could determine not just their fate, but how the entire market could shift based on who is or isn’t available. So today, I’m going to look at the five teams who have the most interesting calls to make over the next month or two, and where I think they may end up.

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