Monday, January 15, 2024

NHL weekend rankings: Five slumping teams that should be worried right now

The NHL went into the weekend in a weirdly streaky mood, with four teams owning win streaks of at least eight games. The Jets and Panthers lost, while the Oilers and (spends several seconds staring at notes in confusion) Kraken remain unbeatable. Also, the Hurricanes are good again, the Red Wings are getting everyone’s hopes up, and the Canucks are going to eventually have a game where their PDO is over 200 and they don’t really care about the math saying that’s impossible.

Also, several teams should be very worried right now.

We’ll get to the good and the bad down in the rankings, but first let’s take a look at five teams that are either in the playoffs or trying to get there who are not having a fun time these days.

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