Monday, January 30, 2023

Weekend rankings: You are now a Sabres fan. Plus Rangers, Canucks and more

We are all Sabres fan now.

Yes, you too. I realize they may not be your original team, but this year there’s a very good chance that your team is tanking. That’s a valid strategy, absolutely, but you’re under no obligation to donate a few hours of your time to watching it play out night after night. You tank fans are entitled to a temporary hall pass.

And even if your team is good this year, or at least trying to be, the Sabres are hard to resist. I’ve never been on board with the whole “second favorite team” deal, but there are occasional exceptions. This might be getting into that zone. Even if you’re not rooting for the Sabres with your whole hockey fan heart, you can at least send them a few good vibes.

Why? Here’s why.

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