Friday, January 20, 2023

Should your team make a deadline blockuster? Yes, and here’s why

Will your team make a blockbuster between now and this year’s deadline? I don’t mean a minor addition, or even a traditional pick-for-rental for move. I’m talking big and bold, the sort of move that makes fans around the league stop what they’re doing and stare at a screen with jaws drop and eyes bulging. Creative, gutsy, confident. Will you team do something like that?

Of course not. Your team is run by an NHL GM, the most timid and risk averse creatures in all of pro sports. Your team will tinker at best, or maybe just mumble about running out of time and not wanting to disrupt the room.

But should your team pull off a blockbuster? Yes! Or at least, you could make the case. In fact, that’s what we’re going to do today.

We’ve got 32 teams, and 32 reasons for their GMs to swing for the fences. We’ll have some overlap, some unique situations and some cases that are tougher than others. Let’s run through this one-by-one and see if we can convince anyone to get out of their comfort zone and make the big move.

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