Monday, January 16, 2023

Weekend rankings: A tipping point for the Avalanche… and maybe the Kraken?

OK, now I’m worried.

Anyone who has followed this column over the last few months knows the drill when it comes to the Colorado Avalanche. These are the long-term rankings, it’s about who’s positioned for a Stanley Cup, and we don’t overreact to an unexpected win or loss here and there. The standings matter, but they’re not all that matters. The Avs are the most talented team in the league, they’ll get healthy, and they’ll be fine.

You guys… I’m starting to wonder about whether they’ll be fine.

And no, this isn’t just about the Blackhawks game. Bad teams beat good teams all the time, and even historically bad teams beat championship-caliber teams at least occasionally. As I’ve preached all year, one result doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. This goes deeper than that, as Peter described on Friday. They’ve been awful since the holidays, including losses to Chicago, Arizona and Florida.

Now, Dom. We start worrying now. And we’ll use the bonus top five to outline a few reasons why.

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