Monday, March 14, 2022

Weekend rankings: Deadline week arrives, questions for the Rangers and Canucks, good times for the Sabres and Coyotes, and more

This is usually the spot where I do a long lead-in to the column, focusing on the league’s biggest stories. Most of you skip that part and go right to the rankings so you can get super mad that your 16th place team isn’t in the top five. It’s cool, we all know what we signed up for.

But there’s really no need for any of that this week, because we know what the big story is: The trade deadline, which is officially one week away. It’s been quiet so far, without a single trade since way back on March 2. It could stay that way, with Hockey Night in Canada suggesting that some of the bigger names might stay put and Pierre mostly backing that up. Lots of GMs are putting out the word that the market is slow, which they always do at this time of year.

On the other hand, I just wrote about the lack of trades, which usually means that a dozen of them will happen between now and when I hit “send” on this post. Let’s see how much the hockey gods hate me these days.

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