Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Get warmed up for the trade deadline with the ‘Who Didn’t He Play For?’ quiz (goalie edition)

The trade deadline is less than two weeks away, with plenty of rumors and big names in play. Maybe the most interesting position to watch is the goalies, with a handful of contenders potentially shopping for an upgrade. While midseason goalie trades are rare, more than a few of them have worked out well. And it’s not unusual to see even some of the best goalies move around to several teams over the course of their career.

Why yes, that last line was a segue. It’s time for another round of “Who Didn’t He Play For”, the quiz in which I give you a player and four teams and you tell me which one he never suited up for.

The first edition featured players from the Hall of Fame, and you all said it was too easy even though the average score was only 9 out of 16. That was followed up with a Hall of Vey Good edition, which saw you collectively up your game and raise your average all the way up to 9.1. At this rate, we only have 70 of these left to go before you guys are perfect, so let’s enjoy them while we can.

This time around, we’re going to focus on a group that was conspicuously absent from the first two editions: The goalies. These lovable weirdos have a habit of bouncing around the league, so let’s see how many of their stops you remember. Take your best shot at the 16 questions below, then submit your answers and scroll back up to see how you did.

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