Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Take this quiz to see how well you remember the best and worst of Leafs trade deadline history

The trade deadline is days away, and Leaf fans probably have some mixed feelings. On the one hand, it’s an exciting time of year, especially for teams that think of themselves as contenders. On the other, the Leafs’ history of deadline dealing is decidedly mixed.

If you’re a Leaf fan, you could be forgiven for blocking out some of the memories. But here’s hoping you didn’t, because we’re going to test your knowledge of Toronto’s history of deadline and deadline-adjacent deals over the decades. See if you remember who went where, how much it cost, who all those precious picks turned into, and the occasional weird detail.

There are 20 questions in all. Do your best, then scroll back up to the top to check your score on this handy table.

0 – 2 right: You are the Tom Kurvers trade of quiz-takers.

3 – 6 right: You are the Rask-for-Raycroft trade of quiz-takers.

7 – 10 right: You are the Phil Kessel trade of quiz-takers.

11 – 15 right: You are the Schenn-for-Van Riemsdyk trade of quiz-takers.

16 – 18 right: You are the Tiger-for-Vaive trade of quiz-takers.

20 right: You are the Doug Gilmour trade of quiz-takers.

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1 comment:

  1. I know you like quizzes, so here's a good one. Can you tell me "Who is still paying this guy?" If I gave you a name - i.e. Dion Phaneuf - and four choices A. Toronto, B. Ottawa, C. LA, or D Non of the above, could you tell me who? (It's Ottawa).

    Using CapFriendly, there are some amazing names on LTIR, buyouts, and 1 cap recapture that ends this summer. Did you know Cody Hodgson is still on Buffalo's payroll? How about Phil Kessel in Toronto (you probably do)? There are obscure names that I don't even remember playing in the NHL who are long gone yet still drawing a paycheck (Steven Santini is getting 275,000 from Nashville).

    Anyway - free idea for the summer.