Friday, June 13, 2014

Grab bag: The most important Rangers vs. Kings battle of all-time

In the weekly grab bag:
- Comedy all-stars, including the world's strangest Darryl Sutter impression
- Everyone who has a slump is not terrible
- On Friday the 13th, an obscure player who wore a goalie mask, was named Jason, and kept attacking people
- Debating the NHL vs NBA
- Don Cherry dances in Times Square
- and the Rangers and Kings faceoff in a battle of terrible 1970s novelty songs.

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  1. RE: The (awesome) Don Cherry movie

    I'm assuming that the earpiece was playing the song, so he could dance around without drawing too much attention (because we all know Don hates attention).

  2. Also, it looks like yes, he did have tourists trying to get pictures - you can see one of them in the background at 0:32.