Friday, June 6, 2014

Grab Bag: And then a hero comes along

In the grab bag:
- Youppi takes the Walk of Shame
- Is the "Final" or the "Finals"?
- An obscure player that Ranger fans love, even though they've forgotten he once played for them
- The stick slashing rule is broken
- Don Cherry reaches summer reruns
- And Mariah Carey serenades the Rangers, Canucks, and a sullen Gary Bettman

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1 comment:

  1. Re: The stick slashing rule. It is also a penalty to just slash the stick out of another player's hands with a forceful chop. Maybe it isn't as automatic as when the stick breaks. You say "the league should fix... the rule before it costs someone a playoff series". Watch the winning goal in OT of game 7 between Chicago and the Kings. Justin Williams viciously slashes the stick out of Nick Leddy's hand after Leddy breaks up the rush in the Chicago zone. Leddy hesitates, then abandons Williams to retrieve his stick. Williams gets the puck and starts the play that leads to the Martinez point shot, that goes off Leddy and in the net for the series winner.
    You could argue that if he hadn't lost his stick, Leddy might have stayed with Williams and prevented him from starting the play, or he might not have had to go out of position to get the stick, and then would be more set to try to block the shot.
    In any case, it's a missed penalty call that should have ended this scoring chance and given the Hawks a power play.