Thursday, October 4, 2012

The discarded out-takes from the NHLPA's message to fans

Hey, remember that NHLPA video from a few weeks ago? You know the one: various star players looking into the camera, earnestly describing their love for the game and their frustration over the ongoing lockout? Let's be honest -- it was pretty darn effective.

Of course, not every player who auditioned made the cut. And a few of them took more than one take to get their message just right. The NHLPA kept the good stuff for the final product, and tossed the rest in the trash.

Luckily, Bloge and I happened to be hiding out nearby and were able to grab the out-take reel.

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Lemieux: Was deceptively fast going from center ice to the goal, often arriving before the opponent's defence was ready for him.
Roy: Was deceptively fast going from the goal to center ice, often arriving before the Avalanche's goaltender was ready for him.

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  1. Glorious. Just glorious.

  2. Oh god this is the best one on a while. Was in stitches at the office after the end.

  3. This might be the best DGB/Bloge Salming I've ever seen.

  4. Replies
    1. ITYM "DUSTIN FEED NOW!!!!!!!!"

  5. He shoots, he scores yet again.

    This is one of the best yet.

  6. My favourite food is unbuttered toast.

  7. Doubled over laughing. Great stuff.

  8. This was excellent.

  9. This was bad and completely wrong.

  10. Amazing. I think the Bettman one was the best.

  11. I hope you proofread that chapter about me a little more than you did here

  12. That was amazing. As a Leafs fan, I fell out of my chair during the Dion segment.

  13. I was completely expecting Wellwood to jump out from behind the brick wall, but the way it was presented is much better.