Monday, February 27, 2012

Trade deadline day

Happy deadline day. No live blog this year, but it will still be a busy day. You can find me in a few spots:

  • I’ll be joining today’s TSN TradeCentre coverage via Twitter. You can follow me here, and can follow all of TSN’s Twitter coverage by using the #TradeCentre hashtag.

    (And no, I won’t actually be appearing on TV. Unless there aren’t any big deals today, in which case everyone will be on TV, including you.)

  • I should have a post over at Grantland later today explaining why NHL deadline day is one my favorite days on the sports calendar. Will pass along a link once I have it. Update: here's the link.

  • In addition to Twitter, I’ll be checking in with thoughts on the DGB Facebook page, which you didn’t know existed until just now.

  • Finally, tomorrow’s post (which you can find here or in the Post) will cover the big dates we still have to look forward to during the rest of the NHL calendar.

Enjoy the day, everyone.


  1. Will the facebook page have the same stuff as the twitter feed? Or will there be some stuff posted to one and not the other?

  2. Facebook will be different. Probably links to anything I find interesting, or longer thoughts that don't fit on twitter.

    Or I'll forget to update it like I usually do.

  3. Boy, the greatest day in the entire world fell a bit flat, eh?

    At least Sather didn't do something impossibly stupid, like trade an up and coming scoring center for a third-line winger and a third-pair defenceman.