Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DGB vs. Hockeenight, round two

Just a quick note that I've been invited back for another appearance on the Hockeeight Puckcast tonight, courtesy our friends at the Chicago Blackhawks blog Hockeeenight.

Last time I was on, we spent three minutes talking about the current season and 57 minutes arguing about Bryan Marchment and the reminisching about the Norris Division days. When the full podcast is available, I'll post a link here.

Update: We ended up talking for almost 90 minutes. Topics covered include:

  • Dany Heatley for Brian Campbell?
  • The Leafs draft plans
  • With Hamilton get a team?
  • Fighting: Why fans like it, why the media doesn't get it, why Cam Russell always lost to anyone wearing a Maple Leaf
  • Are playoff coaches and fans getting whinier?
  • Me re-using the exact same moustache joke that I broke out the first time I was on their show
Here's the recording.

In the meantime, here are some clips of the Leafs beating and/or beating up the Blackhawks.


  1. Hahahaha... atta boy Clarkie!!

  2. Who in the HELL is Randy Wood?

  3. Thanks for posting the Randy Wood video. I wonder what Randy is up to these days? He probably walks around wearing a t-shirt that reminds everyone he used to play hockey.

  4. Thanks for a legendary ' was moustache-tastic!

  5. "Gill with the assist......"
    That's my boy..:)

  6. Mr. Brown is easily the best Maple Leafs blogger on the planet. Hands Down. Hat tipped.

  7. Great podcast guys, and your comments on Sather are appreciated although he has improved upon what was a truly horrific start. That said Glen, I can haz offense?