Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sens sign Jarkko Ruutu

Wait, Jarkko Ruutu was a free agent? I didn't even realize that. And it makes me angry, because it represents a missed opportunity.

How is it possible that no team went out and signed Ruutu, Avery and Tucker to play on a line together? That would have been the most entertaining line in hockey history. I would have bought a Center Ice pacakge just to watch those three go from town to town and incite bench clearing brawls.

Geez, you could have even called them the R.A.T. Line.

Once again, the NHL misses a marketing opportunity.


  1. That would have been the single greatest (plausible) thing that could have happened this year.
    Damn you Darryl Sittler!

  2. i dont think the 3 could be on at the same time for more then 5 seconds without causing a penalty.

  3. i mean, one of the 3 will always be in the box