Monday, July 28, 2008

Down Goes Brown: Now in Facebook form

Much like the Maple Leafs, I'm a proud believer in jumping on a trend two years after everyone else has already tried it and moved on to something else. In that spirit, I'm proud to announce the Down Goes Brown now has its very own Facebook page.

If you've ever wanted to be able to add your favorite Leafs blog to your Facebook profile... well, you can't, because Pension Plan Puppets doesn't have a page yet. But we do.

(True story: It took an extra week to get the page setup because Facebook auto-screening software thought the name of my blog sounded obscene. Maybe the NY Times was on to something.)

Because the Internet is a scary and confusing place, I've included some questions and answers on this exciting new development.

How do I become a fan?

Simply visit the Down Goes Brown facebook page and click the "Become a fan" link in the top right corner.

What do I get if I become a fan?

All sorts of things. You'll find links to all of our greatest hits, and a gallery of some of our favorite images from the site. And you can interact with other Down Goes Brown readers.

Let me rephrase that. What do I get that I don't already get from just visiting your blog?


(Crickets chirping)

Yeah, OK, I'm still working on that part. Anyone have any ideas?

Wait, is this one of those goofy Facebook application things that sends spam to all my friends telling them that they've been turned into vampires?

Absolutely not. No way. At least not yet.

What are the odds that you lose interest in this facebook group after a few weeks and abandon it?

Probably better than 50/50. I'd move fast if I were you.

What is this "Facebook", I've never heard of it?

Hi mom!

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