Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wait, that wasn't in the script...

What did we learn tonight?

Well, if you're a Flyers fan, we learned that you should just stick your head in an oven now because this season is going to end two ways, "soon" and "badly". And if you're a Leafs fan, we learned that there's no point trying to figure this team out anymore.

So I'm done with the analysis. From this point on, I'm going to watch the rest of this Leafs season like it's a David Lynch movie. I'll enjoy the pretty pictures and cool soundtrack and just let go of the possibility that I'll ever have any chance at figuring out what's happening.

At this point, there's no storyline for the last few weeks that would surprise me.

  • A quick collapse that has them out of contention by the weekend? Not a surprise.

  • A short win streak that ends up doing nothing but delaying the inevitable and killing any chances at a decent pick? Not a surprise.

  • A miracle win streak to move all the way into a playoff spot, then a late choke job in the final few games to drop out again? With this group, definitely not a surprise.

  • A long winning streak that pushes them into the playoffs? Well, that would still be a surprise. In fact, as a wise man once said, it's impossible. Not going to happen.

You know. Unless it does.



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