Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Flukiest goal in NHL history?

If you were watching the game, then you know the goal I'm talking about. I probably replayed it a dozen times, and I still can't believe what I saw. I've been watching hockey a long time and can't ever remember seeing something like that before.

I mean, Kyle Wellwood driving hard to the net to score a clutch goal in the third period of a must-win game?

What are the odds of that, one-in-a-million?


  1. Sebass Caron did that a few years ago when playing the Islanders for the Pens. And don't forget Nitty giving up a goal from center ice as he had his mask off adjusting it.

    Crazy stuff man

  2. I bet Maurice promised him a happy meal, with his choice of toy.

  3. jared: you know he's gonna pick the fun-time-barbie :(

  4. Wellwood was doing that all the freakin' time last season. Leave Kyle Wellwood alone! (sobs, puts it on YouTube)

  5. Hilarious.
    Also: One in a billion.