Sunday, March 16, 2008

The more things change

Lots of articles (blog posts too) today, singing the same tune: "The Leafs had a heck of a post-deadline run, but their playoff hopes are dead now."

Hold on.

The Leafs lost one point in the standings and one game off the schedule. That's all. Injuries aside, it wasn't a good day but it didn't change much at all.

When they woke up Saturday morning and wiped the sleepy-cats from their tired eyes, the Leafs needed two things to happen: a white hot finish to the season (along the lines of 15-18 points in their final ten games), combined with all of the teams ahead of them playing mediocre-to-poorly the rest of the way.

What changed, exactly?

The Leafs still need a miracle. It's a slightly larger miracle than they needed before, yes, but still a miracle.

If you were a believer before, you obviously put more stock in destiny and karma than you do in the standings. That's not necessarily a bad thing -- it's part of what being a fan is all about. And if that's you, and you believed this team could do it yesterday despite all evidence to the contrary, then a one-point swing is no reason to stop believing.

And if you thought they were done weeks ago, then nothing has changed for you either. They're still done.

You know which side I'm on. Maybe you agree, maybe you don't. But your position shouldn't have changed since Friday.

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  1. completely agree with you. one point doesn't change a damn thing. it was a pipe dream before, and remains a pipe dream today.

    enjoying the blog.

    go leafs go.