Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Writing down 20 of the NHL’s unwritten rules, rated by how ridiculous they are

Hockey has a lot of unwritten rules, and we sure do seem to spend a lot of time writing about them anyway.

Right now, we're heading into day five of the national conversation over Morgan Rielly’s late-game cross check on Ridly Greig, one that's expected to earn him a significant suspension.

Was it a simple case of a sore loser attacking an opponent for no reason beyond being a baby, or perhaps something more? Did Greig violate one of hockey’s unwritten rules by taking a slapshot into an empty net? And if so, was Rielly doing the right thing by meting out some instant payback?

I don’t know and neither do you, because nobody can agree on what these unwritten rules even are, which seems like a problem. But I’m going to try to at least get us started, with a list of some of the NHL’s apparent unwritten rules that I’ve rated based on just how ridiculous they are.

I’ve got 20 rules to discuss and rate, in no particular order. Is this list exhaustive? Absolutely not. In fact, there’s a decent chance that in time it took me to write it and you to read it, a few new rules have been hatched somewhere that we’ll only find out about some day down the line. I pulled the number out of thin air, George Parros-style, but the goal here is to give us a start.

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