Friday, February 2, 2024

NHL All-Star draft: What worked, and what didn’t

The NHL held its first all-star fantasy draft since 2015 tonight, bringing back a concept that felt fresh and unique when it debuted back in 2011 but then disappeared entirely within a few years.

So… did it work?

Sort of. Some of it definitely did. And other areas could still use some work. The NHL, to their credit, went out of their comfort zone to bring the draft back, and they made some tweaks to make it more palatable to everyone involved. That includes the players, and the TV partners, and the marketing types. I’m not any of those things, though, and you probably aren’t either, so we don’t care about what they may have wanted. Instead, let’s come at this from a fan’s point of view.

What worked, and what didn’t? Or, to keep with the drafting theme, what aspects were worth a pick, and which ones should have been passed on? After witnessing the whole thing in person, here’s my list.

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