Monday, April 10, 2023

Weekend rankings: Everything that’s still on the line in the season’s final week

One week to go. How are we all holding up? Feeling sick to your stomach from stress yet, fans in Pittsburgh, Winnipeg and Florida? You ready for this to finally be over, Chicago? Are any of you still paying attention, Bruins fans?

Everyone’s got two or three games this week, with almost everyone hitting the finish line on a 15-game Thursday finale. And as always, there’s still plenty to play for. Let’s get you caught up.

Top five questions left to answer this week

1. The wildcard spots – This is the big one, and you probably know the details by now. It’s the Panthers, Islanders and Penguins fighting for two spots in the East, and the Jets trying to hold off the Flames and Predators in the West. Winnipeg is solidly in control there after beating the Predators on Saturday and then seeing the Flames only get a point in Vancouver; the Jets could have this all but wrapped up tonight if things break right.

The Eastern race will probably go right down to the wire; the Penguins are the team on the outside right now, back a point and also giving up the tie-breaker, but also with the easiest schedule. (The Sabres are technically still alive too, but… hey, they were fun, weren’t they folks?)

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