Sunday, July 11, 2021

Looking for mailbag questions

Hey folks...

The next mailbag column will be coming sometime between now and the draft. Please send over some questions we can have some fun with, via email at

I'm looking for an offseason focus. Expansion, trades, free agency and draft stuff is great. Playoff reactions are good too. General what-ifs, would-you-rathers and all-time bests (and worsts) work well. Creative stuff is great, but the occasional straightforward question can often spark an interesting discussion too.



  1. What would happen if a team went for only 5’9 high skill and speedy players

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  3. What is the worst phrase uttered by sports announcers and why is it "getting untracked"? Don't they really mean "getting on track" and wouldn't that be a better and more sane thing to say and please Gord can you make them stop?

  4. What is the worst move that won't happen this off season? Left deliberately vague to give you some leeway in answering.

  5. Which team stands to be the Florida of this coming expansion draft and overpay like crazy to rid themselves of non-problems in a bid to get worse themselves

  6. What is the longest trade tree you could make for an active NHL player? Like, could you somehow link someone like Phil Kessel to Newsy Lalonde?